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The recently relaunched LIBERAL party in Ryedale believes it would be wrong to claim to have all the answers to the challenges of Ryedale. There are however many areas where the present policies coming out of Ryedale Council are not taking us in the right direction.

Election 2015 – Ryedale District Council

North Yorkshire Liberals have selected our candidates for the elections to Ryedale District Council, they are as follows:

Cropton: John Clark
Dales: Nelly Trevelyan
Pickering East: Joy Andrews and Tommy Woodward
Pickering West: Mike Potter and Tim Thornton
Kirbymoorside: Nicky Hollins and Luke Richardson
Norton West: Alasdair Clark  and Eddie Thornton

Party Point – March 2015

John Clark writes…

First published: March 2015

‘Save our libraries’; ‘Save our buses’; ‘Save our Services’. These are frequent chants since the ConDem government savaged money to Councils. Liberals (not LibDems) would not have gone down the austerity route. Making the poorest and weakest pay for the squandering of the bloated bankers is clearly wrong.

Local councils have very little choice as to Continue reading Party Point – March 2015

Election 2010

Election 2010: Ryedale constituency is no more. Most of Ryedale is now part of the new Thirsk and Malton constituency, where John Clark is standing for election. Please visit Thirsk and Malton liberals for more information.


The politically homeless

In the world of politics something is going wrong. There is an ever increasing number of people who don’t vote. It is not through lack of political interest or because they are apathetic. It is because they have no real ‘policies’ to vote for……
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