Press Release

John Clark writes…

We are in a financial mess. It is, however, less than the amount caused by the Second World War. In 1946 the debt was spread over 60 years. That done, successive governments built hospitals, schools and millions of houses; they invested in the future.

This present debt was caused by the mismanagement and greed of the bankers. Unlike in 1946 the present ConDem government is trying to reduce the debt by not investing in the NHS, cutting support to the weak, the vulnerable and ill in our society. Meanwhile the bloated bankers and Chief Executives of the biggest companies still have massive pay increases, bonuses and are given a cut in taxes.

Below are some of the policies that need to be carried out in the next parliament.


The privatisation of the NHS started under Labour and expanded by the ConDems must be reversed.


Water, electricity, gas and railways were privatised under the Tories. 13 years of Labour did nothing to reverse this. These, plus the Royal Mail, must all be renationalised. These essential services should be run for the public not for shareholders profit.


The minimum wage was introduced to reduce the abuse of workers. The same must be done for farming by the introduction of a Minimum Guaranteed Farmgate Price.


A house is a person’s home. Affordable housing must be built for those who NEED a home first. Second homes should be heavily taxed.


A healthy nation needs a healthy environment.

  • Fossil fuel use must be dramatically reduced.
  • Liberals completely oppose all fracking – it’s a threat to water quality, health, farming and tourism.

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