Policy – Fracking

The Liberals on Ryedale District Council Proposed:

“Ryedale District Council completely opposes all fracking in Ryedale.”

We also tried:

“Oppose all fracking until 90% of scientists believe there is no harm to health, climate and the environment.”


“A five year fracking freeze.”

Every Tory councillor opposed these options.
They are clearly prepared to risk:
  • Water quality.
  • Damage to farming and tourism.
  • Climate change.
  • Health of Ryedale people.

Your Liberal councillors are not willing to risk any of the above. The benefits would be
for big business. All the negatives would be for the people of Ryedale.

2 thoughts on “Policy – Fracking

  1. well after today it seems all the now stuff you said above was just election drivel. with a fantastic opportunity to send a no fracking message to NYCC you bottled it.. SHAME ON YOU… I cant wait until the next election in 2017..

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