Policy – Democracy

Political Apathy is not caused by the public. It is caused by the low level of politics in Ryedale. With some notable exceptions councillors do not produce newsletters or discuss the issues.

‘We elect them and then they are not heard from until the next election’

LIBERALS promise

  • To consult between elections

  • To send out newsletters

Another benefit for the electors is the freedom enjoyed by LIBERAL councillors.

At present the Conservative group on Ryedale District Council meet before meetings. There is nothing wrong with that. Conservative councillors voting the same way on an issue is also OK. They may all be right. Something is suspicious though when they almost always vote the same way on every issue. This is not good for democracy.

Compare this with the liberal view. Of course Liberals usually vote for Liberal policies but there is no party whip. We are opposed to party dogma. Liberals support freedom, democracy and personal conscience.

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