Party Point – September 2014

John Clark writes…

First published: September 2014

I love Scotland. I would like to live in the same country. I don’t want it to become a foreign country. That’s all, of course, what I want and nothing to do with the Independence vote. The decision is up to the people of Scotland and no-one else.

From a distance it appears that everything is to do with big business, the banks, the Westminster politicians and the EU; very little to do with the people of Scotland. Why suddenly, with less than a fortnight to go, have all these groups publicly opposed Independence? Do we trust big business or the EU? Do we believe the bankers and the London politicians have our interests at heart? Do we trust them and more importantly, should the people of Scotland trust them?

I’m always very suspicious when Westminster politicians all agree. When they all agree and line up with corporate money and the banks then we should all run for cover.

There has been the usual bucket-full of bribes and threats. “You won’t be able to keep the pound”, “Your prices will be dearer”, “We will move our registered office out of Scotland”. All negative, nothing positive about the UK. In the past have all these issues been discussed with the people of Scotland? Have the supermarkets or the oil companies discussed their prices with their Scottish customers? Of course not. Along with the rest of the ‘establishment’ they are only concerned with what is best financially for them.

The Scottish Government proposed three options on the ballot paper: Yes to Independence, No to Independence or devo max (a large increase in devolution but falling short of Independence). Cameron saw devo max as a slippery slope towards Independence and vetoed it on the ballot paper. Now, when Independence looms, devo max seems like a better option. At the eleventh hour Labour, Conservatives and LibDems are all offering devo max plus. No thought as to the consequences for England, Wales or Cornwall, let alone Yorkshire. The usual political bribe to get what the politicians want.

It appears the Scots are in favour of a publicly owned NHS, free care for the elderly, no student tuition fees, no Trident and a much fairer society. It is unbelievable that they could achieve this by continuing with the last 30 years of UK governments. If the Scots would be ‘Better Together’ then why haven’t we all already got the above? It’s very simple. The establishment and Big Business won’t make as much money. Remember, it was Gordon Brown with Labour who started the privatisation of the NHS, introduced PFI and sidled up to the banks and continued the widening gap between rich and poor.

Scotland has a chance to break away from the right-wing market approach to everything. I hope they choose this route signposted ‘hope, progressive and fair’. I will be sad to lose Scotland but maybe one day England, the North East or even Yorkshire may follow.

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