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Party Point – February 2013

John Clark writes…

First published: February 2013 – Gazette & Herald

‘Daddy it’s not fair’ comes the cry. ‘No it’s not, but life isn’t always fair’ is the reply. As parents, managers or any person making a decision, we should all try to be fair. To achieve fairness:

  • There needs to be a rule book, a policy, a strategy
  • Every effort should be made to treat each individual similarly to others
  • Any decisions should be made after careful analysis of all the facts and evidence

How does the sale of Continue reading Party Point – February 2013

Party Point – December 2012

John Clark writes…

First published: December 2012 – Gazette & Herald

Christmas is a time for giving and helping the less fortunate. That is true for the majority of the population, but not so for our multimillionaire Chancellor of the Exchequer. He is attacking those on benefits. His description of people ‘who leave home every morning to go to work while the neighbours are still in bed’ is designed to fuel antagonism between those in work and the ‘scroungers’. Those in work are encouraged to begrudge Continue reading Party Point – December 2012

Party Point – November 2012

John Clark writes…

First published: November 2012 – Gazette & Herald

The EU has a wonderful system of voting. A country holds a referendum on a recent treaty and people vote ‘yes, I agree with the EU’. This result is acceptable and the EU gravy train rolls on. If people vote ‘no, I disagree with the EU’ then this result is unacceptable and they have misunderstood the proposal. The original vote is ignored and another referendum is held. When eventually the referendum produces a ‘yes’ vote, the EU gravy train rolls on.

Ignoring the public and its voting is Continue reading Party Point – November 2012

Party Point – October 2012

John Clark writes…

First published: October 2012 – Gazette & Herald

Dear Lord Coe, (or Seb, when I cheered you on),

May I congratulate you on organising a very successful Olympic Games. I approached the bid, let alone the Games, from a critical but supportive view. For example: why were we not putting the £9billion into the Games in Malawi? Maybe we did spend too much on the opening ceremony and maybe we should have used the public sector for security. These are all petty, minor bits compared with the ‘huge success’. My only remaining area of doubt is in reference to the legacy.

There may be Continue reading Party Point – October 2012

Party Point – September 2012

John Clark writes…

First published: September 2012 – Gazette & Herald

A week is a long time in politics. A week in genetics is a lifetime. In the last week there have been three events that could produce a massive change in the GM story.

Up until now we have been told that only a very small amount of DNA was used to pass on the genes to the next generation. So much so that the unused DNA was known as ‘Junk DNA’. Genetic Modification of plants and animals has been Continue reading Party Point – September 2012

Party Point – July 2012

John Clark writes…

First published: July 2012 – Gazette & Herald

The Tories, New Labour, Liberal Democrats, the EU and the National Farmers Union all believe in the ‘market’. In the dairy industry the market has produced the following mess:

  • The vast majority of dairy farmers are being paid less than the cost of production.
  • Tory minister (Jim Paice) is saying that some people can still produce milk at a profit even at present prices.
  • The NFU makes noises similar to those of the minister.
  • Milk production is becoming more and more intensive – cows are being forced.
  • Thousands of dairy farmers are being driven out of business.

Continue reading Party Point – July 2012

Party Point – June 2012

John Clark writes…

First published: June 2012 – Gazette & Herald

We don’t allow children to drink alcohol – for very good reasons. We don’t allow children to smoke – for very good reasons. There is another substance which is just as dangerous. It is not taxed and there are no health warnings. Our children eat and drink it at lethal levels.

The culprit is fructose. Fructose occurs in Continue reading Party Point – June 2012

Party Point – April 2012

John Clark writes…

First published: April 2012 – Gazette & Herald

The ConDem interpretation of ‘austerity’ is tax cuts for millionaires paid for by pensioners.

A further £10 billion is to be cut from welfare spending. The 50p tax rate cut, it is claimed, will be paid for by closing loopholes. Of course loopholes should be closed but if this produces some income why should this money go to the filthy rich? The ConDem government gives Continue reading Party Point – April 2012